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In this moment...

I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge this place we find ourselves.

I don't even really want to write the words... pandemic... quarantine... I don't even want to say them out loud and feel them all over again. I am tired of them. I know we all must feel this at least somewhat.

In light of that collective groaning... I just wanted to take a moment to put a little encouragement out into the world. This encouragement is the mantra I repeat to myself everyday. It helps me continue to be okay... to do the things that I was created to do in this world... and to be striving to be the very best me for my family and for my intention in the world.

Hopefully it will comfort someone else as well.


I believe everyone is an artist.

Everyone has some gift to share... something they do so well in way that no one else can.

Artists... all artists - writers, painters, musicians... have distinctive gifts that can serve our culture in times of distress.

This is that time... our global community is grieving and searching for meaning right now. There is an opportunity for artists to minister in this moment. Artists have a unique skill set that is made to for connection and speaking into the visible and invisible.

There is a lot to take in...

It is okay to feel... all the things... grief, sadness, anxiety... whatever it is. Feel it, give yourself up to it and soak in all that this moment is offering... even if it's difficult. Your ability to serve those around you will grow from your willingness to bring in all that this time has to teach.

Set it free!

After all that taking on... when you are ready...

It may be in a few days, or a few weeks or months... put all that you have absorbed into your work.

Be willing... be vulnerable... then release it.

Put all that on that canvas... in that song... in what ever form feels right. It is what you are made to do.

Artists, honor your gifting.

Do the work.

Make all this mean something.

It will bring solace.

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