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The Beautiful Ruin on view now at 


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2525 de Sales Ave.

Chattanooga, TN 37404

... A sneak peek into the Inspiration that Awaits ...

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A few words about the collection...


Jennifer Kring is an American Artist living in the South. She is known for her rich, narrative drawings layered within the pages of discarded books. Her work has been exhibited in galleries and festivals throughout the Southeast.

    "My work gives a voice to things seen and unseen...

It is about the light shining through the darkness.... 

The beauty in the brokenness... 

The golden thread that unites us all."

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The Wanderlust Collection

This series of work was brought to life out of a season of contentment and joyful exploration. Untold tales of wanderlust, freedom and adventure come to life within the pages of these pieces. 

In this post-pandemic state, these works seem like a dream... a lovely dream from a simpler time.

'The Swimming Hour'

'The Rise & Fall'

'Lost in the wilderness'

'Beyond Reach'

'The Great

Wide Open'

'Breaking Through'

Each work is created with a delicate hand in Jennifer's studio... the creative fortress lovingly called the 'Kringdom.'

It is a sanctuary where authenticity and freedom reign supreme... where the sound of inspiration can be heard.

In the Press

"She carves the literal pages and covers of books into amazing pieces in a display few have ever seen."


Scenic Trend 


A window into 'The Kingdom' Studio

Why a Commission?


A custom work of art offers a unique space to honor the memory of a loved one or preserve a beloved moment.

Commemorative artwork becomes a part of a legacy and can be handed down through generations.


“Capturing a memory or the essence of someone special is an sacred process that I am privileged to share with my patrons. By the close of a project, my clients are really more like family."

- Jennifer Kring 

This featured work was custom designed to honor a beloved family member.