ABOUT Chatt Art :

the Vision & the Host 

My name is Jennifer Kring & I am the creator and host of Chatt Art.

Chatt Art is a blog and podcast devoted to the visual artists working in Chattanooga, Tennessee. 

As an artist from the Chattanooga area, I always knew the fine art community could benefit from more shared communication. The what, how and why of artists and their studio practice is a vast ocean of knowledge that I felt could be more accessible and beneficial to others. I knew that the 'shop talk' of habits, materials and the struggles that come along with these things had to be something that impacted more than just myself and my friends. There was a sense growing that these things belonged in a bigger conversation with more voices... all this resulting in more growth for our community and support of the visual arts. 

The primary goal of Chatt Art is to create a visual and audio record of the creative culture of Chattanooga. I hope to give a voice and a platform to visual artists who are developing their talent and work in this special city.

Jennifer Kring 



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